Cut outs

The D&C body's are all lasercut.

This gives you the possibility to personalize your Metal body guitar.

The choice is yours to get a typical D&C relic guitar or an extreme custom design.

The sky is not the limit, it is the beginning.

Contact us to make your dream come true

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D&C Metalcaster shark

Shark Cut out

Model: MSH01

D&C Metalcaster

Scorpion Cut out

Model: MSC01

D&C Metalcaster

Skull Cut out

Model: MSK01

D&C Metalcaster

Skull Cut out

Model: MSK02

D&C Metal Dragonbite

D&C Metal Dragonbite

Dragon cut out

Model: MDB01

D&C Metalcaster Hotrod

flames cut out

Model: MCH01

D&C Metalcaster Spider

Spider cut out

Model: MSP02

D&C Metalcaster Snake

Snake cut out

Model: MSN01

D&C Metal V

Tribals cut out

Model: HBB01

D&C Metal SG


Model: MSG01

D&C Metal LP


Model: MLP03

D&C Metal LP

Model: MLP01

D&C  X-Fusion

Dragon Cut out

Model: MEXD01

All Guitars can be build just the way you like it

"You can choose your own type of neck, tuners and pickups"

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