D&C Guitars

Welcom to our gallery

where we will show you our build´s

if you want to order a D&C Metal Body guitar fill in our Contact form

and tell us what you need

our options:

- Engraved body´s and parts

- hand wound pickups

- RGB LED installed

- Steel Fretboard

- you can change the position of your volume/tone and switch

- neck build by your specs.

- LED steel pickguard with drawing of your choice

- LED pickguard with drawing of your choice

- Special cutouts in the steel body

and many more

Just ask and we will tell you, if it is possible

D&C Metalcaster

the idea is to make a Metalcaster, that not only sounds great, but also looks and feels amazing

More info

D&C X-Fusion

The X-Fusion is a Design based on 3 Guitars, the explorer, the Destroyer and the snakebite.

More info

D&C Metal V

The Metal V comes in many shape´s, the first V was a special build for Headbangers balls in UK

More info

D&C Custom shop

Our Special Design galery, we try to give you the idea of some possibility´s

we can make some special cut outs, from animals to band names logo ´s, and many more, the options on our guitars are almost unlimited

More info


here you can see some artist that play/promote our guitars

More info

All Guitars can be build just the way you like it

you can choose your own  type of neck tuners and pickups

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