How do I contact D&C?

Use the contact form, click on Contact in the main menu.

you can also talk directly to the builder using Facebook

How long between ordering and delivering?

Deadlines are fluctuating. Currently , it takes 3 months of delay.

How much does it costs ?

Warning: the prices given below are only indicative and represents only an approximate calculation on the 1rst of January 2021. They are likely to change without notice and are in no way an official fixed rate.

a custom made guitar start from 2850 € approx.


Any option ( extra pickups, particular electronics, special neck, different machine heads or special works (shape, finishes, engravings, etc.) will be considered on a case by case basis.

What options do i have?

- Engraved body´s and parts

- hand wound pickups

- RGB LED installed

- Steel Fretboard

- you can change the position of your volume/tone and switch

- neck build by your specs.

- LED steel pickguard with drawing of your choice

- LED pickguard with drawing of your choice

- Special cutouts in the steel body

and many more.......

Just ask and we will tell you, if it is possible

How will my guitar be delivered?

All guitars are delivered in a hard case (brand: Gator ore thoman).

the case will have a "D&C" logo on top of it

The shipping (via UPS) is included for Belgium.

Shipping fee added for any other destination.

Which necks do you use ?

All necks can be build by your specs.

Which hardware do you use?

Machine heads :klusson locking tuners, ore others when request

Bridges tele style: D&C Steel Bridge

Other Bridges style: tuno matic, evertune

Straps : Locking straps

Pots: CTS

Jacks: Swichtkraft

if you prefer other,

all hardware can be put on your guitar

Wich electronic components do you use?

Pickups: Hand wound (4season pickups) EMG/Seymour Duncan , ore any other brand you desire

Do you use a special process to block rust and/or protect the metal against corrosion ?

Yes, my guitars receive a special anti-corrosion coating

Do you sell bodies alone or parts ?

Not, however, I may consider a job with spare parts provided by the client if they are of sufficient quality and / or trademark.

Are your guitars guaranteed ?

Yes, there’s a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defect.