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Endorsed artist: Bobby Gustafson - Thor

Band: Satans Taint

"Desecration" - Satan's Taint (Official Video)

D&C Hammer of THOR

Bobby Gustafson signature guitar

The Hammer Of THOR

Body: steel

Finish: black with steel hammer

Neck: Maple/rosewood 22 jumbo frets

Pickups: EMG Pickups 81/85

Nut: Steel

Cts tone and volume, 3 way toggle switch

Bobby Gustafson Biography:

Bobby Gustafson. Aka The GodFather Of Thrash, a moniker he proudly accepts. The main writing and creative force behind metal legends Overkill. Responsible for the classic sound in the bands early years. With a distinct style of playing and a guitar sound that increased in intensity and thickness with each album.

Being endorsed over the years by some of musics elite companies. He now has settled in on guitar with D&C Metal Body Guitars.

- Satans Taint

Bobby Gustafson founding member of seminal thrash metal titans Overkill, returns with Satans Taint.

Satans Taint is a new band from Florida featuring the “Godfather of Thrash Metal” guitarist Bobby Gustafson (Overkill). Formed in 2014, the band unleashes an all-out war on the senses with razor-sharp riffs and a distinct Nordic influence. Accompanied by a stellar lineup of both local and international players; The result is pure, heart pounding metal. The band released its studio album “Axe to the Head of my Enemies” in 2017.

- Satans Taint