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Damien Di fresco  giving the D&C Metalcaster a Test Ride

A review is given by Maxim Bobbaerts

(comming soon)

(D&C Metalcaster)

J.C. Haun on his custom build Metalcaster (the gambler)

Wim Roelants D&C Metalcaster Beast

Wim Roelants 

D&C Metalcaster Wave III

Wim Roelants 

the D&C Metalcaster Beast

D&C X-Fusion and D&C SP-Bass

in Action

D&C Metalcaster Beast in action

Soundclip of a D&C Metalcaster Wave II, Played by Mathieu Colin Guitarist of Silvertrain

D&C metalcaster Wave II with a Bluesy sound

D&C X-Fusion


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