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D&C Builder Dennis Louis

D&C Steel Body Guitars


Real & actual metal guitars



You can’t see the wood through the trees no more? Maybe a guitar with a metal body is a good alternative. Belgian guitar company D&C Steel Body Guitars exclusively manufactures guitars with steel bodies. Guitar builder Dennis Louis talks about his models.


‘In 2010 I started building my own guitar, because I couldn’t afford to buy an expensive guitar. And since I’m better with metal than wood, the choice to go for steel bodies was easily made. My first guitar, with a 3 millimeter steel plate, weighed about 6,6 kilo. That was way too heavy. My current models weigh between 3,2 - 3,7 kilo, with Bigsby around 4,1 kilo. The difference is the use of thinner steel plates.’


What about the neck? Those are made of wood.


I buy the necks. However, I’m laying some plans to draft up tool to manufacture the neck myself. Furthermore I’m working on something unique: a steel neck of 1 millimeter with wenge.’


How do your steel guitars sound?


‘A lot of my guitars are Tele bodies. Personally, they have the warm sound of a regular Tele, but it sound a bit clearer. According to a lot of people who played it, it sounds like a dobro with twang.’


Doesn’t the metal of the body conflict with the magnetic field of the elements?

‘No, not at all. Merely a ring on the strings. No shocks or power surges.


Do you get a lot of queries for your D&C guitars?


‘A lot of people are interested, but we are of course a fairly unknown brand. I’ve got offers for re-sale in Canada and recently I’ve manufactured a custom Flying V for Headbangers Balsl in the UK. That guitar will be put out as a lotterly and the funds will be donated to the UK Cancer Foundation. It’s a one of a kind design. The flame design is now under contract with Headbangers Ball and I will never manufacture this guitar again.





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